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Five or Ten Volume subscriptions available.  By subscribing, you'll receive each new volume as they're released (a message will appear in your email on the release date) as well as a bonus short story containing custom content by the author.  Simply submit a question about the world of Magical Certainty at any time, and the question will be answered by the Aldebrand while Eugenie must struggle with her own small problem.  And as a special bonus, readers who commit to ten volumes will receive a second, longer short story in which they can learn details about their favourite magical race while Eugenie thwarts a thief.

Volume Four – Now Available

A ship of ghosts like no other, the Greenwich is ordered to escort Eugenie, Aldebrand, Jake, and Nerissa to the alien world Janus.  “The water world,” Aldebrand calls it, “the real blue marble.  Its weather, as changeable as the God for whom I named it.  It’s a single ocean, literally boundless.  Three moons light the night sky, and flying pods of Cloud Whales block out the sun.”

Buy Volume Four, In Which British Tars are Soaring Souls, as Free as Mountain Birds, on its own in EPUB or PDF formats and continue the adventure.

Volume One – Buy Now

Eugenie Rose Walker. It’s an interesting name for an interesting young woman—a librarian and tattoo artist, a country girl in the big city, a graduate with a Master’s Degree but no clear future. Her life jumps from interesting to fascinating when she’s approached by an elderly man about a job. He’s seeking a librarian because he needs something sorted, he tells her: his memories in point of fact—there’s just too many to fit in his head. Buy Volume One, In Which Our Hero Lands a Fancy New Job, on its own in EPUB or PDF formats and begin the adventure.

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