What is Magical Certainty?

As a novel is to a movie, Magical Certainty is to a television series—which is to say, it is both shorter and longer. I like to think of Magical Certainty as a serialized epic with no end in sight. The individual volumes available on this website—like episodes of television—are short, exciting, and follow a single story arc that exists within a larger narrative spanning the entire series. As a reader, you will connect with a group of familiar characters as they face an ever-changing array of challenges, both personal and world-shattering. How is this different from other book series, like Harry Potter or The Song of Fire and Ice? Well, Magical Certainty doesn’t have an end in mind. There are short story arcs and long story arcs, but I’ve built this world of fantasy to last. I’ll write these books for as long as people want to read them.

Also, they’re short. A volume of Magical Certainty fits into our busy modern lifestyles. Between about 150 and 250 pages, each volume can be read with a minimal time commitment, but also with the surety that, when you get invested in the world of Eugenie Walker and the Aldebrand, there’s always more to read. I expect to release each volume about four to six months apart—so there’s no waiting years to find out what’s happened to your favorite characters. For me, the author, these books are about making a great experience for you the reader—about making an experience I would enjoy.

Why not just publish an actual book? Or sell your book through another website?

Freedom. I’ve never sent these books to a publisher because I know what experience I want for my readers, and paying $50 for a hardcover because you can’t wait to find out what happens next—that just isn’t it. I want to write these books for as long as people want to read them—not for as long as my publishers think they can turn a large enough profit. Then why not go through another website? By remaining independent, I can charge what I want—what I think is fair, and $3 bucks a pop seems fair to me. I don’t believe in DRM  and once you’ve bought a book, it’s yours for life to put on any device you might own. I think people want to pay for the entertainment they consume, and I think they want to pay a reasonable price. This website lets me do that.

This all sounds great, but what are the actual books about?

Really? You want spoilers? Without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that the world of Magical Certainty is a lot like our own. In fact, from our perspective, it’s exactly like our own — but our perspective doesn’t see everything there is. We humans don’t see magic, we don’t see alien species, or mythological creatures, and we don’t even notice as the natural magical abilities of everyone on this planet are stolen away. In the Magical Certainty books one young woman, just out of school and looking to begin her career, will get her perspective shifted when a stranger offers her a job. Intrigued yet? Magical Certainty mixes science, fantasy, and science fiction into a unique world of adventure and excitement that promises to changes your preconceptions about science fiction, fantasy, and science itself.

What’s all this about subscriptions?

Subscriptions are a way for my readers to buy future volumes ahead of time at a small discount.  When a new volume is released, you’ll receive an email linking to the file.  This discount saves you money, and, thanks to fewer transaction fees, it saves me money too.  Also, by subscribing you’ll receive exclusive tailor-made content — short stories that offer a special glimpse into the world of Magical Certainty.  But this isn’t the regular exclusive content: When you subscribe to five volumes, you’ll receive an email with an order number.  Simply send me an email at magicalcertainty@gmail.com with that order number and a question about the world of Magical Certainty.  Within a few days you’ll receive a personalized short story in which your question will be briefly addressed and answered by one of my characters.  If you choose to subscribe to ten volumes, send the same email with a question, but also name one of the magical species found in my books. You’ll then also receive a second short story in which you’ll learn many details about that species.  

I’ve bought Volume One and now I’d like to subscribe.

You can easily upgrade to to a subscription.  Soon after you order, you’ll receive an e-mail,with a coupon code you can use for a $3 discount on either subscription package.

How can I be sure you’ll actually write that many volumes?

Because writing is the easy part, editing is hard.  Volumes one through twenty are already written in first draft or better, they just need a touch or three of polish before I can put them up on the website. 

How do I get your ebook onto my e-reader / iPad / smart phone / PC etc?

I suggest downloading the free program: Adobe Digital Editions.  I’ve found this program easy to use on most devices.