Volume Four – “In which British tars are soaring souls, as free as mountain birds…”


The first volume in an expansive series, this book stands alone as a single adventure.  Purchasers will receive a link where they may download and re-download both EPUB and PDF copies of the file.

Product Description

Eugenie Rose Walker. It’s an interesting name for an interesting young woman—a librarian and tattoo artist, a country girl in the big city, a graduate with a Master’s Degree but no clear future.  Her life jumps from interesting to fascinating when she’s approached by an elderly man about a job. He’s seeking a librarian because he needs something sorted, he tells her: his memories in point of fact—there’s just too many to fit in his head.

Mystery, adventure, drama — real people in unreal circumstances, this fourth volume of the Magical Certainty series continues a journey without end.  These books are special, written that they might fit into your modern lifestyle.  The books are short, with driving, engaging plots and will follow endearing characters for years.  They balance the desire to find out what happens next with the satisfaction of reaching that final page.  

“These books are written to be loved.”  C. Anthony Jones, author.