Volume Two – “In Which What Goes Up Doesn’t Necessarily Come Down”


The second volume in an expansive series, this book continues Eugenie’s adventure but could still be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.  Purchasers will receive a link where they may download and re-download both ePub and PDF copies of the file.

Product Description

To Eugenie “The Conspiracy” is a laughably ominous name for the secret it describes, yet she is still drawn to its mystery.  Through it she hopes to share some of the magical wonders she’s discovered with the rest of humanity.  In volume two she makes a clumsy start, but life, necessity, and adventure intervene when she and the Aldebrand must—like the highly-trained commandos they are not—work to save the lives of hundreds of innocent people.  Magic meets reality again in this follow-up volume.

Volume Two: In Which What Goes Up Doesn’t Necessarily Come Down is filled with all the humor, tension, and excitement that readers enjoyed in Volume One.  Just long enough to fill a weekend, it continues Eugenie’s adventures in the world of Magical Certainty, while leaving readers satisfied with a self-contained episode of drama and daring-do.


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